Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Up & Running

Finally got the range rover up and running! Also got the new windshield installed ($225). Got a great deal on the windshield. Apparently this vehicle has a special windshield which usually sells at the land rover dealer anywhere from $500 to $800 bucks. I'm told the windshields are equipped with all kinds of heat and rain sensors. Very productive day yesterday. Today I'm getting it detailed and prepped for advertising. My plan is to do a marketing blast on all the free classified ad sites I can find such as craigslist, ebay (Local classifieds) Oodle etc.... With a selling price of $3950. She looks great, and now runs great. The head gasket job was a success and fixed the overheating problem it came with. Now it's time to sell. Be back later with updates...

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